A Mexican Fisherman Teaches a Harvard MBA about Life

Most of you are probably familiar with the story in this video, originally told by Mark Albion.  A Harvard MBA tries to “recruit” a humble Mexican fisherman into the “Work-Life Balance” paradigm.  The MBA can’t understand why the fisherman wouldn’t have ambition for aggressive growth and staggering wealth.  The fisherman, in turn, shows the MBA a different way of looking at work and life.  The Mexican is already living the life, while he is still young and vibrant, that the MBA can only aspire to … someday.  This relatively poor, humble fisherman has figured it out!  The Harvard MBA, while “book smart,” is “life stupid” … like so many highly educated professionals.

Side-Note: This story is based on a real experience Mark had with a scuba instructor (he changed the story, effectively, for impact).  That encounter changed Mark’s paradigm and, thus, the trajectory of the rest of his life.  Click HERE to read about his Mosaic Life.  Click HERE to see some books Mark has written about his journey.