I’m very visual.  Pictures, for me, immediately evoke thoughts and strong feelings that immediately change my state of mind and energy level.

This Article explains the whats, whys and hows of creating a Vision Board to capture visually what you want your end state to be.  A vision board not only shows you the things and achievements you want, but also how you want to FEEL when you’ve landed at your End State.

A Vision Board could serve as Stephen R. Covey’s “blueprint” that you refer to again and again to ensure you’re building the right thing.

The picture above is my actual Vision / Attitude Board that I’ve created over the years on a PowerPoint slide.  Every picture, every phrase has deep personal meaning to me.  Some of what you see will hold no meaning for you … but that’s OK.  This is MY board, not yours.  I can look at this slide and, with seconds, be reminded of who I want to be and why I’m doing what I’m doing.

  1. Vision boards are a great idea. I am learning that FEELING is at the heart of manifestation. A vision board can assist in getting to the feeling state of where you want to be once your vision becomes reality. Thanks for the reminder!!
    PS. They are great fun to put together- going on a hunt for pictures, words, phrases that resonate with you alone. They don’t need to mean anything to anyone else!

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