MicroBusinesses Are Struggling

MicroBusinesses (businesses with 10 or fewer employees) are the heart of the U.S. economy. This isn’t merely something we believe. It’s a fact.

  • All real job growth comes from MicroBusinesses succeeding … and then growing.
  • Innovation, in and of itself, means nothing until some entrepreneur figures out a way to bring that innovation profitably to the masses.

Gallup calls MicroBusinesses the real “America, Inc.” When MicroBusinesses thrive, so does our country.
On the other hand, when MicroBusinesses struggle, America struggles. Without a growing entrepreneurial economy, new good jobs are hard to find and the tax base shrinks.

And, make no bones about it, MicroBusinesses are struggling. Beginning in 2008 and continuing today, the number of companies closing exceeds the number of new companies [Link]. This is the first time this has been true since this metric has been tracked.

That is a problem. And until it gets fixed, the U.S. economy will not be back to “normal.”