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Diving In!

Greg Bashaw, Executive Director of CMBA, has dived right in to advocating the needs of Colorado MicroBusinesses.  He has already met one-on-one with several key legislators and is scheduled to participate in various stakeholder groups and testify in front of various committees.

It has been gratifying to see that BOTH sides of the political aisle are sympathetic to the needs of the smallest of small businesses.

That’s good, because it’s our intent to actually get things done.

CMBA Has Hired Lobbyists

The Colorado MicroBusiness Alliance has hired two lobbyists to represent the interests of MicroBusiness Owners in front of the state legislature.

We interviewed several potential lobbyists, looking for those with a history of effectiveness in a split-party legislature, experience in representing business interests and an enthusiasm for the MicroBusiness cause.  We ultimately hired Steve Balcerovich and Kathy Oatis as our lobbyists.  Legislator after legislator, from both sides of the aisle, told us how much they like and respect Steve and Kathy.

We will invite Steve and Kathy to a future Seminar so you can get to know them.

Bill Tracking

Our lobbyists will provide us with continuous updates on bills that we decide together affect MicroBusiness.

If you click on this LINK, you will see bill details – including an overview of each bill, the sponsors, the status, and the expected fiscal impact.

This is GOOD STUFF!  If you want to be get involved, reach out to us and we’ll let you know how you can help.

Political Advocacy


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